Andre Dupuis

Headshots 2015 close-upCol (Ret) Andre Dupuis retired from the Canadian Armed Forces as the Director of Space requirements.  In that capacity he was responsible for the requirements definition, space mission design and acquisition oversight of the Department of National Defence's national security space programme, to include Surveillance of Space, Space-based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Satellite Communications, Navigation Warfare and Research and Development.


Maria Rey

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Ms.  Maria Rey joined Space Strategies Consulting Ltd in 2015 as the Vice President and Chief Science Officer.   She brings over 30 years worth of experience in space-based remote sensing technologies.  Ms. Rey retired from the Canadian Government in 2014 as the former Director General, Science and Technology (S&T) for Joint Force Development within Defence Research and Development Canada, the research branch of the Department of National Defence.   Reporting to the Assistant Deputy Minister for Science and Technology, Ms. Rey acted as the senior Scientific Advisor to the Department in Joint Force Development and was responsible for formulating and delivering the defence S&T investment in C4ISR technologies.

Gerry Potter



Scott Jones

Scott brings thirty-five years of experience in the Canadian Forces to the SSCL team, including the creation, operational use and support of Space, Missile Defence and Intelligence capabilities.  His most recent focus has been on Space policy and strategic planning at National Defence Headquarters, but his broad background includes work as an acquisition liaison officer at the US National Geospatial-intelligence Agency (NGA), as a missile defence planner and Missile Warning Center commander at NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center, and as the research and development coordinator for the Royal Canadian Air Force.    

Peter Boone

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Peter has 15 years of experience in both Space Operations and Space Project Management.   His RCAF career included two tours with the United States Air Force Space Command in Cheyenne Mountain as an Orbital Analyst and Crew Commander, followed by Manager of Space Surveillance Network.   This was followed by seven years of Space Project Management experience in Ottawa as a Requirements Manager, Exploitation Manager and Project Director in support of several DND projects.  His education includes a Masters in Science (Space Studies) from the University of North Dakota, a Masters Certificate in Project Management from Universite de Quebec and NASA Summer School 2001 at the Jet Propulsion Labs.

Douglas Bancroft

Doug Bancroft

Douglas has several decades of experience in civilian and military applications of remote sensing, including terrestrial monitoring of ecosystems, weather forecasting, operational oceanography, and maritime domain awareness.  He has a proven record of connecting innovative science to decision makers in industry, regulatory authorities and policy makers.

Graham Gibbs


Graham's career included: 26 years with Marconi Companies in the UK and Canada; 24 years with the Canadian Space Agency, 22 of which were as the CSA representative in Washington DC for the CSA, and as Canada's Counselor for Space Affairs. He is the recipient of several awards, including NASA's highest honour for a non-NASA employee, the Exceptional Public Service Medal.


Gabriela Gref-Innes

Gabriela Gref-Innes has over 35 years of experience in the field of International Commerce, Exports, Government Procurement and Business Development in various sectors, including space. As a Federal Government employee she worked for Public Works and Government Services, Canadian Commercial Corporation, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development. Gabriela worked closely with Canadian companies and Foreign Governments

Scott Hower

ScottOwner and CEO of Peak Space Solutions, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Leads effort supporting the U.S. Space Security and Defense Program focusing on Strategic Shaping and Deterrence.  Renowned expert in space protection strategy, policy and doctrine.

  • Extensive leadership experience and vast space operations background   
  • Led multi-billion dollars space operations programs and multi-million dollar space test activities
  • Key leader to executive management, government officials and special customer groups relating to national security policy, doctrine, technical analysis, Space Protection, Missile Warning/Defense Operations, Offensive Space Control (OSC), Defensive Space Control (DSC), and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) within a variety of government and business communities 
  • 27+ years of leadership in the space operations arena in a myriad of extremely technical space ops mission areas 
  • Possesses an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and their government and commercial applications
  • Developing visionary concepts for space protection and gaining advocacy at the highest levels of the DoD and the Intel Communities